Friday, May 13, 2016


My music blog. Been whhhhiiiile. eeps. Sorry. i kinda spent a while concentrating on sorting out the whole 'being trans*' thing in my other blog. But now I feel the need to write. 

Why? Well, last night I went to watch a band called Wheatus. A dear friend of mine is a die-hard fan and I figured 'why not'. I like a gig, I like the genre and I knew I expected a good crowd. It was not just to get my gig numbers up for the year following a few lean years - well, maybe a little. This indie girl gotta retain some indie-cred. But can I do it with Wheatus? Well, that may be up for debate, but I'm not much one for caring about that.

For those that need a reminder, Wheatus had a huge hit in the indie-world with Teenage Dirtbag. They also did a reasonable cover of 'A little respect' which prob got played at my club nights - sounds like something I would do. After that I heard little except that they were around. And then I didn't even hear that. Seems like they were still going, putting out albums and touring. I just missed it all. 

I'll be honest, Wheatus came a little late to the party for me. Around the same time as bands like Sum-41, Alien Ant Farm and Fountains of Wayne (I want an alien for Christmas). Also the time that bands l liked, Offspring, Green Day and Blink 182, became pretty much unlistenable. I was not a fan of that whole alt scene from the US at that time. Wheatus were not on my agenda.

I'm not totally sure what I was listening to right then. Given that it was turn of the millennium, I guess a lot of cali-punk, old school punk and as much twee stuff as I could get my ears on. I had a club night playing rather obscure alt-indie around then (Psycho Killer - with as much unknown euro indie as I could find pre-internet), another playing alt-indie called Ultra-Violet (including Belle and Sebastian and Sonic Youth and a lot of earlier brit-pop for some reason) and also Dj'd at me mates punk night around then (which led me having to hide from a Manchester biker gang for fear of unpleasantness for quite a while). 

So 'still going surprise' aside, what did I expect from the gig? See, I put Wheatus in the same vein as some bands that I have very little care for above. But really, I expected something in the vein of Weezer, Cake and Nada Surf (minus the awesome but depressing songs - although I cannot say I have listened to any Wheatus albums so maybe they are out there too) - bands I like! 

What did I get? Well, yer. Pretty much that actually; with a smatter of bands like Nerf Herder - the more chilled out end of the whole Cali-pop/punk scene. 

But the important thing is: It was fun. The band had fun. The crowd had fun. Yes, I invaded into the sanctum of a tight fan-group and got the rewards for doing so. It is a while since I have seen a band on stage that actually look like they want to be there and are prepared to be goofy and be seen being goofy. Most songs right off the bat were audience requests. There was a back and forth that I've missed out on for a while listening to my moody, dark/depressing musical obscurities or super serious singer/song writers (with the clear exception of the Wildhearts). Not that I would give up the bands I tend to watch nowadays, but it was refreshing. The band even came right out into the crowd as soon as the show stopped. It had all the group feeling of an Amander Palmer / Belle and Sebastian / Emilie Autumn gig - the love from the fans being absolute and clear, without being inaccessible as it can at those shows. Course, the scale helps - it wasn't the biggest crowd.

Side note 1 - some dude was wearing a t-shirt from Abart. Abart was a small club in Zurich. Sorta the indie hub of Zurich and a place I saw a few gigs (the Lemonheads and Amanda Palmer with the Grand Theft Orchestra) - although the layout was a mess for gigs! There were unhappy stirrings when the club was closed, and I was with them despite being a relative newcomer to the city. Anyways, there was this guy and he was wearing a t-shirt from the club. That was pretty cool to me.

Musically it was fun. I enjoyed most songs although it is not always as easy to be as enamoured with songs that were new to me. But I liked them for what they were. I felt a little bad as I know the bassist caught me yawning my head off a few times but I was pretty shattered! These things happen.

The first support did nothing for me. I know I could have done the cover of AC/DCs 'you shook me all night long' better, and I having even played that song. Her glasses were too try-hard kooky too. Bithchy, but I really didn't like them. The next band sounded like the Postal Service. Made me realise I'm over the Postal Service. 

But the main gig - yes, the crowd was great. They knew a bunch of the lyrics and bopped away nicely given that it was an English crowd in attendance. Mostly. Some dude had driven from Holland just for the gig. 

Side note 2 - sorry, but I need to slip in a story that is trans* related. It happens; it is part of my life. And it happened at the gig. Yes,  I am trans*. Yes, people know. And I have said before in my other blog that I occasionally get looks from women that say 'ah, you're trans*. Well done, I support you' or something. Sorta like getting a little gold star. But in truth, I'm not really sure what to do with that star - all it does is remind me how much I stand out. But it is well meant and I take it as such. Last night I got such a loo from a girl at the bar. Just burst out laughing (discussing why pets are just such bad pets, very judgmental...), so the moment passed. Later, I realised that the same girl was stood nearby with her bloke. I felt like I'd been a little rude, so I made sure to smile over. Plus, good looking girl who caught my attention. Why? Nothing out of the ordinary but there was something in the back of my mind. Over an hour I noticed: hips just a little too thin, arms a little too muscular, hairline a little high and Adams Apple a little too pokey... damn. Had I not had my (somewhat poor) trans-radar on I would not have even noticed. Such subtle things, but she looked amazing. Bitch! Lol. But yer, still on my mind given what I'd been thinking when she first gave me a knowing look earlier. Maybe one day I'll be in the same passing boat as her. 


All in all, proper glad I went. It was a good night out, a lovely gig to be part of and I was in awesome company, which always helps. Would I have gone on my own, no. Will I rush out and buy the CDs... no. The days of such music are passed for me. Would I go if asked by the same folks, yer. 


Which says a lot coming from me.

whilst listening to this i was listening to Teeth of the Sea 'Highly Deadly Black Tarantula'' and The Unicorns 'Who will cut our hair when we're gone?'

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